Frameless Single Door Quadrant Spares

Frameless Single Door Quadrant Spares


Please note that these spare parts are suitable for all sizes of the Prestige2 Frameless Single Door Quadrant. Spare Parts should be dispatched within 5 working days from receipt of order.

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0SA-GEN-WC-001 - Wall Channel Pack
OSA-P2-QH-001 - Rail Pack
OSA-P2-QH-002 - Seal Pack
OSA-P2-QH-003 - Finishing Caps

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OSA-P2-QH-005L - Hinge Pack (Left Hand)
OSA-P2-QH-005R - Hinge Pack (Right Hand)
OSA-P2-QH-006 - Cover Strips Pack
OSA-P2-QH-007 - Handle