Frameless Hinge Door Spares

Frameless Hinge Door Spares


Please note that these spare parts are suitable for all sizes of the Prestige² Frameless Hinge Door. Spare Parts should be dispatched within 5 working days from receipt of order.

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0SA-GEN-WC-001 - Wall Channel Pack
OSA-P2-QH-001 - Rail Pack
OSA-P2-QH-002 - Seal Pack
OSA-P2-QH-003 - Finishing Caps

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OSA-P2-QH-005L - Hinge Pack (Left Hand)
OSA-P2-QH-005R - Hinge Pack (Right Hand)
OSA-P2-QH-006 - Cover Strips Pack
OSA-P2-QH-007 - Handle